50. When did Dr. Ambedkar, after years of toil,obtain his M.A. Degree from the       U.S.A. for his thesis,Ancient Indian Customs?

51. What was the title of and significant paper read by Dr. Ambedkar before       the Anthropology seminar of Dr. Goldenweiser in May 1916?

52. Which was the University from which Dr. BR Ambedkar was awarded a       doctorate in philosophy in June 1916?

53. When was the First All-India Depressed Classes Conference in Bombay       held?

54. What was the name of the fortnightly newspaper begun by Dr. Ambedkar       on January 31, 1920?

55. Which was the first British legislation to recognise the existence of the
      Depressed Classes?

56. Who was the first president of the Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha and central       organisation formed by Dr. Ambedkar for the uplift of the untouchables?

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