75. On which date Kelappan begin his fast unto death to demand that the       doors of the Temple at Guruvayur, Malabar, be thrown open to       Untouchables?

76. What was the official name of the commonly known Simon       Commission, appointed to revise the Act of 1919?

77. In which forum did Ambedkar pen these words, 'The out-caste is a by-       product of the caste system. There will be outcastes as long as there are       castes. Nothing can emancipate the outcaste except the destruction of       the caste system. Nothing can help the Hindus and ensure their survival in       the coming struggle except the purging of Hindu faith of this odious and       vicious dogma."

78. When did Ranga Iyer introduce his Temple Entry Bill that was pushed by       lack of support from the Congress members and lack of enthusiasm from       the British?

79. What is the name given to Ambedkar's house built for himself, his       family and books at Dadar in Bombay?

80. On which date did Ambedkar first exhort untouchables publicly, 'to       sever their connections with Hinduism and seek solace and self-       respect in another religion?

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