17. Who wrote the following words, The Hindus have always been       considered by all other people as the custodians of learning and       wisdom?

18. Who wrote,The Hindus are superior to all other nations in intelligence       and thoughtfulness.They are more exact in Astronomy and Astrology       than any other people.The Brahma Sidhanta is a good proof of their       intellectual powers, by this book the Greeks and the Persians have       also profited?

19. Before one can approach the Lord Aiyappa at the Sabarimala temple in       Kerala, one of the most important pilgrimages in South India, what is       the first act of worship that a has to perform?

20. Who was the general who led Maharana Pratap, the Rajput king of       Chittor's troops to battle with Emperor Akbar at Haldighatti?

21. Who was the commander-in-chief of Akbar's army?

22. Who led Aurangzeb's campaign against Shivaji?

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