63. When did the historic march of 10,000 untouchables led by Ambedkar to       sip water from the 'historic' Chowdar Sink in Mahad district of Maharashtra       take place?

64. When did the Mahad Municipality in Maharashtra revoke its resolution of       1924 declaring the Chowdar Tank open to the Depressed Classes?

65. "Truly Speaking," a famous leader of India's freedom struggle concluded in       a speech, "the law should be non-violence wherever possible; violence       wherever necessary " Who was the speaker?

66. When was the first conference of the Temple Entry movement, held at the
       India Bhavan Theatre, Amtaoti in Maharashtra?

67. When was the red-letter day in the annals of India that Ambedkar burnt       the 'Manusmriti',condemning the scripture as a symbol of inequality,       cruelty and injustice for 10 per cent of the Hindus (Untouchables)?

68. Under whose chairmanship did the All Parties Conference appoint a       Committee to draft a Swaraj Constitution of India?

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