43. In which school in Bombay did Dr. BR Ambedkar study and do  his       Matriculation in 1907 from?

44. What was one of the unkindest cuts dealt by Hindu custom on the       Shudras and Atishudras,who formed 70 per cent of all Hindus,in the       matter of learning Hindu scriptures?

45. Who was the first untouchable leader from Maharashtra who had the        unique distinction of convening the first conference of untouchables in        India?

46. Who were the two Maharashtrian social reformers behind the formation of       the Depressed Classes Mission in India in 1906?

47. What is the name of the college founded by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in       Bombay?

48. What was the piece of legislation enacted by the British in 1910 that was       a direct attempt at curbing freedom?

49. On which date did Dr. Ambedkar formally sign an Agreement before the       Deputy Minister of Education, Baroda State that gave him the unique       distinction as being an untouchable boy in the United States of America?

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