69. Ten days before the well-known Dandi march of Gandhi, a less publicised but equally significant Satyagraha that went on for a month, began in Maharashtra. What was this?

70. When did the report of the Simon Commission come out?

71. In which year did Ambedkar attend for the first time the Round Table       Conference in London as a representative of the Depressed Classes?

72. When did the Father of India's Constitution, first prepare a Declaration of       Fundamental Rights safeguarding the cultural, religious and economic       rights of the Depressed Classes?

73. On which date did the second session of the Round Table Conference
      commence in London?

74. Why did an 8,000 strong crowd of members from the Depressed Classes       greet Gandhi with a black flag demonstrating on December 28, 1931 so he       returned from the Round Table conference?

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