11.Name the Mughal Emperor who was sent a raakhee by a Rajput queen
     since she his  protection?

12. Name the Mughal Emperor who laid out the grounds for a "new"       religion that took the best for all Indian religions ?

13. Name the Mughal Emperor who built the Taj Mahal , one of the seven       wonders of the world ?

14. Who was the king of the sixteenth century from the deccan who not       merely established a very good libery but had appointed a Sanskrit       scholar, Vaman Pandit , as chief librarian ?

15. Who was another ruler from the Deccan who in his       compositions (songs) often pays respects to the Hindu Goddess of       Learning, Saraswati ?

16. What did King Jayasimha of the Solanki dynasty who ruled Gujarat in       the first half of the 12th century do when news was brought to him of       the destruction of a Mosque in Cambay?

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