81. Who was the Congress President in 1935 who strongly deplored       Ambedkar's stand to urge untouchables to convert to another religion?

82. What was the title of a famous pamphlet written by Ambedkar in 1936,       proposed to be delivered at the Jat-Pat-Todak Mandal in Amritsar?

83. What was the name of the political party founded by Ambedkar in August       1936?

84. Who was the man behind the proclamation in Travancore State,       throwing open 1,600 state-controlled temples to the Depressed       Classes in late 1936?

85. On which date did the elections to the Provincial Assemblies after the           enactment of the Government of India Act of 1935, take place?

86. Who was the prominent labour leader apart from Ambedkar,who strongly       opposed the Industrial Disputes Bill, 1938 as it gravely restricted the       worker's  right to strike?

87. On which date did the historic workers' strike - to protest against the       Industrial Disputes Bill of 1938 in Bombay - take place?

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