5. Who conferred a jagir and cash gift on the Temple
    Someshwar Nath Mahadev in the Allahabad Municipality ?

6. Who conferred grants to the Mahakeshwara Temples in Ujjain,he Balaji     Temple in Chitrakoot , the Umanand Temple in Guwahati and the Jain     Temple of Shatrunjaya and other Gurudwaras scattered over Northern     India ?

7. What happened when Tanashah , the ruler of Golconda , after collecting     revenues of the state , did not pay his dues to Delhi that accumulated     into crores and buried this treasure and erected the Jama Masjid over
    it ?

8. Name one important Muslim ruler from the South who is known to have     made grants to several temples ?

9. Who was the Muslim ruler of Ayodhya who built sevral temples in     Ayodhya and repaired others there ?

10. What happened when four mosques at Mysore were damaged during
      the Vijaynagar dynasty ?   

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