Indian People In The Struggle For Freedom
                                                                         Five Essays by Prabhat Patnaik, Irfan Habib, K.N. Panikar, Amit Kumar Gupta
                                                                         ISBN: 81-86219-29-3
                                                                         Pp: 138
                                                                         Price: Rs. 70/-
                                                                         EditiOn: 2004



                            Listening To Culture:Constructing Reality From Everyday Talk
                            Author: Nandita Chaudhary
                            Book Summary
                            Listening to Culture presents everyday cultural activity in Indian family and community life in
                           order to demonstrate why and how such activity must be encompassed in the study of
                           individuals and collectives. The author explores the rich world of everyday talk_in families,
                           with children, between friends, at the work place_and shows the significance of this domain of
                           social activity for an understanding of culture.





                                                                        India's living languages: The Critical Issues
                                                                       Sumi Krishna, Media Foundation Allied Publishers, 1991 - History - 274 pages
                                                                       India Is Home To A Very Large Number Of Languages. She Must Also Be Among The Few
                                                                       Multilingual Societies In The World Engaged In Building A New Nation Without Actively
                                                                       Forging A Common Means Of Communication-Hindi Being The Official And Not The
                                                                       National Language. This Book Explores How India Has Managed Or Must Manage Its
                                                                       Linguistic Pluralism. Dustjacket Slightly Damaged.



                            The saffron agenda in education: An Exposť

Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust
                            Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust, 2001 - Education - 76 pages
                            Contributed articles against communalisation of education in India.






                                                                        The Red Flower
                                                                        Isbn: 81-86219-81-2
                                                                        Author: Safdar Hashmi
                                                                        Illustrations: Mona Rai
                                                                        Language: English
                                                                        PP: 34
                                                                        Price: 50/-
                                                                        Edition: 2007


                            Understanding Harappa :Civilization In The Greater Indus Valley
Shereen Ratnaga Tulika, 2001 - History - 165 pages
                            This Slim Volume Is An Attempt To Rouse The Interest Of Students And Non-Specialists In
                            The Early Civilization Of The Greater Indus Valley And Adjoining Regions Of Pakistan And
                            India. The Indus Civilization Is Moreover, Set In The Context Of Contemporary Cultures Of
                            South Asia As Well As Relevant Happenings In Western And Central Asia, In The Attempt
                            To Cast An Overall Perspective. There Are Illustrations Of Site Plans And Of Artifacts, And
                            Maps Assist The Reader To Make A Carefuly Study.




                                                                        The Outcaste

                                                                        Sharankumar Limbale, Translated form Marathi by, Santosh Bhoomkar
                                                                        Oxford University Press, 2003 - Social Science - 121 pages
                                                                        First published in 1984, The Outcaste is a first-person account of the dehumanizing impact of
                                                                        caste oppression in India.



                           Cultural transaction and early India: Tradition And Patronage

                           Romila Thapar
                           Oxford University Press, 1994 - History - 40 pages
                                    This is a reissue, with corrections, in Oxford India Paperbacks, of two lectures by the
                                    eminent historian Romila Thapar. Professor Thapar argues that traditions which revolve
                                    around ideas are not handed down unchanged from generation to generation, but are often
                                    evolved in recent times, drawing on the perceived requirement of such times.





                                                                       Growing Up Untouchable In India: A Dalit Autobiography
                                                                       Vasant Moon, Gail Omvedt - 2001 - 203 pages - Preview

                                                                       n this English translation, Moon's story is usefully framed by apparatus necessary to bring its
                                                                      message to even those taking their first look at South Asian culture.

                                                            - More editions



                           Totto-chan:The Little Girl At The Window
                           By Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Dorothy Britton
Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Dorothy Britton - 1996 - 232 pages - Preview

                           An actress, television personality, and writer recounts her experiences as a "problem child"
                                   at school, which lead to her being sent to an independent school, where she proved the goal
                                   of the school: to develop the potential of each child

                  - More editions



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