Indian Economy, 1858-1914
                                                                           Author- Irfan Habib, Aligarh Historians Society
                                                                           Tulika Books, 2006 - Business & Economics - 159 pages





                            Money & Credit in Indian History
                            The papers presented in this volume arise out of the session on money, banking and finance,
                           organized under the auspices of the Indian History Congress, Kolkata, 2000.
                                 In most historical periods in India, groups of people have been engaged in exchanges of
                          products with money being extensively used as a medium of exchange. There is no point, trying
                          however,    define who exactly were the bankers, or bankers and money-changers, or bankers,
                          merchants and    money-changers rolled into one, without specifying the context.




                                                                        Disease & Medicine in India - A Historical Overview
The history of science, technology and medicine has always occupied a special place in
                                                                                              Indian history through the ages. Its significance, especially from a socio-cultural perspective,
                                                                                              cannot be ignored. In recognition of the importance of this subject, the 61st session of the
                                                                                              Indian History Congress, held in Kolkata in January 2001, organized a special panel on the
                                                                                              history of health conditions and the progress of medicine in India. The present volume,
                                                                                              edited and introduced by Deepak Kumar, brings together the papers presented at this panel,
                                                                                               along with some fresh contributions.


                            Shared Heritage: The Growth of Civilizations in India and Iran
                            edited by Irfan Habib,
Paperback xl+ 252 pages 8.5x 5.5 inches ISBN: 81-85229-74-0
                            Rs 270 / $15
All rights available First published 2002, hardback 2004 (second edition)

                            This volume originated in papers presented at a panel on the historical relationships between
                            India and Iran, organized under the auspices of the Aligarh Historians Society at the 62nd
                            session of the Indian History Congress, Bhopal, 2001.





                                                                       Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Vasant Moon
                                                                       National Book Trust, India, 2002 - 224 pages
                                                                       A comprehensive biography of the one of the tallest leaders of modern india, translated into
                                                                       english by Asha Damle.



                            Sorry, Best Friend!
Published: Tulika Publisher
                            Language: English
                            ISBN: 8186895000
                            ISBN-13: 9788186895009
                            Format: Paperback
                            A collection of short stories focusing on the theme of communal harmony. Includes writers
                            such as Zai Whitaker, Poile Sengupta, Githa Hariharan and Shama Futehally.




                                                                      Everyday Lives, Everyday Histories: Beyond the Kings and Brahmanas of ‘Ancient’
                                                                      India -
Uma Chakrava
                                                                      First published in 2006 Second edition (2007) Paperback xxx + 330 pages Rs 275
                                                                      ISBN: 81-89487-21-3 All rights available
his volume of essays moves the historiography of ancient India in the service of a history of
                                                                      the present. The cultural onslaught of a brahmanical saffron culture within popular discourse,
                                                                      and the fight against entrenched class and caste interests led by women, dalits and other
                                                                       marginalized groups, frame this battle for ‘ancient’ India.


                              Mauryan India
                            Irfan Habib, Vivekanand Jha, Aligarh Historians Society
                            Tulika Books, 2004 - 189 pages
                           On history of India.






                                                                       Education: Trade, Profession, Occupation Or Business

                                                                       H. Suresh

                                                                       India Centre of Human Rights and Law, Project of Socio Legal Information
                                                                       Centre - 20 pages



                             Medieval History And Communalism

   Asgharali Engineer
                            Centre for Study of Society and Secularism - 28 pages





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